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President Ma Jian Paid Visit to Two Universities in Finland and Italy
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From June 13th to June 20th, 2016. Invited by the President of University of Oulu and the president of Politecnico di Milano, President Ma Jian paid a goodwill visit to these two universities.The directors of Office of Social Science,Office of Financial Affiars and Office of International Cooperation and Exchange accompanied the visit.

During the visit to University of Oulu in Finland, the Executive Vice President, Helka-Liisa Hentila and the Vice President for International Affairs, Jukka Saren met the delegation of Chang’an University led by President Ma Jian, and warmly welcomed their visit.Then they gave a detailed introduction about the school history and the development situation of  University of Oulu and the basic condition of the International cooperation and communication with other universities. They expressed their good wishes to carry out all-round cooperation with our university.

President Ma Jian thanked for the hospitality of the University of Oulu and gave a brief introduction to Chang’an University. He stressed that University of Oulu is a world-renown university and also the first partner university we built in Northern Europe. He hoped to take the opportunity of this visit and develop all-round substantial cooperation and communication with Oulu.

Chang’an delegation exchanged ideas about student joint nurturing programs, visits of faculty, cooperation in research and information sharing, jointly building up laboratories , developing all-round substantial cooperation and communication and so on.

After the meeting, President Ma Jian signed all-round cooperation agreement and exchanged agreement with the Executive Vice President Helka-Liisa Hentila.

During the visit, the delegation led by President Ma Jian have an in-depth discussion about the specific cooperation with relevant institutes` principals, professors and the Director of International Office. Chang’an delegation also visits the campus, comprehensive lab building, and etc. The University of Oulu`s Director of International Department Minister, Principal of Institute of Information and Electronic Engineering and some professors attended this meeting.

During the visit to the Politecnico di Milano, Donatella Sciuto, the Executive President met the delegation led by President Ma Jian and he expressed a warmly welcome to Chang’an delegation. He briefly introduced the basic situation about Politecnico di Milano to them and hoped to develop substantial cooperation and communication with Chang’an. Vice President  for Scientific Research, Marco E. Ricotti, introduced their scientific research achievements.

President Ma Jian thanked for the hospitality of Politecnico di Milano and gave a brief introduction to Changan University. After exchanging ideas about student joint nurturing programs, visits of faculty, cooperation in research and information sharing, jointly building up laboratories, jointly building up geographical museum, etc. Presidents of these two universities reached a broad agreement. They agreed that the subject of each university are similar and have a wide basis for cooperation. They believed the cooperation with each other will definitely promote the mutual development of both universities.

After the meeting, two universities signed comprehensive cooperation agreement. what`s more, this is our first cooperated university in Italy.

During the visit, the delegation led by President Ma Jian and relevant institute professors had detailed colloquium. They visit Politecnico di Milano`s pavement materials lab, structural engineering lab, mechanic engineering lab and other key laboratories. For Politecnico di Milano, Director of the Institution of Civil Engineering and Environment, Director of Office of International Affairs, some project managers attended the activities above.

The University of Oulu is a comprehensive public university and the member of LAOTSE as well. At the time of July 8th 1958, the president of Finland signed the statute of University of Oulu, which indicated its formal establishment. There are 6 institutes and two state level research centers in University of Oulu. It has more than 17,000 students and more than 3000 staff members. It focuses on postgraduates education. The University of Oulu is one of the biggest universities in Finland. It ranks the 358th in 2015/2016 QS University Rankings.

The Politecnico di Milano in Italy was firstly established in 1863. It is one of the most extraordinary universities of science and engineering in Europe. The Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich ,Rheinisch-Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen,Technische Universiteit Delft,Chalmers University of Technology and  Politecnico di Milano composed the IDEA alliance. It ranked the 1st in Italy and 187th in the world according to 2015-2016 QS World University Ranking. It has many world-class disciplines according to QS World University Ranking by Subject, art ranks 10th, Civil and Structural ranks 14th, architecture and environment ranks 15th, Mechanic Engineering ranks 18th.



Exchanging Agreement with the Executive Vice President of University of Oulu


Group Photo with University of Oulu



President Ma Jian signed protocol with Politecnico di Milano


The Group Photo with Politecnico di Milano


Conference with Politecnico di Milano


Visiting labs in Politecnico di Milano

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