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Cooperation Agreement Signing of Sino-Korea Institute of Logistics   Jointly
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On May 13th 2016, the Belt and Road Initiatives education cooperation and exchange forum opening ceremony of the silk road state fair 2016 and the 20th IFCEW (Investment & Trade Forum for Cooperation between East & West) was held in Sheraton Grand Hotel in Xi'an. At the opening ceremonythe Vice President of Chang’an University,  Professor Zhao Junhai, director of the Xi'an Academy of Social Sciences,  Professor Wang Zuoquan, the  Executive Vice President of Chung-Ang University in South Korea, Professor Liu Hongshan, the deputy director of Korean Maritime Institute, Professor Lin Zhenxiu respectively  signed the agreement of jointly establishing Sino-Korea Institute of Logistics on behalf of their organizations and unveiled for Sino-Korea Institute of Logistics. The Deputy Director of Shaanxi Provincial People's Congress, Mr. Zhang Maizeng, the Director of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, Mr. Wang Jianli and other Shaanxi education colleagues brought together and witnessed the ceremony.


After the ceremony, President of Chang’an University Professor Ma Jian and the Vice President of Chang’an University Professor Zhao Junhai welcomed the guests in the Guest Hall of the Academic Centre with hospitality, accompanied by the directors of the International Office, Social Sciences Department and School of Economics and Management. President Ma Jian expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the honorable guests of Xi'an Academy of Social Sciences, Chung-Ang University in South Korea and Korean Maritime Institute, gave a brief introduction to the university and the exchange and cooperation development with universities and research institutions in South Korea. He also talked about the basic idea of future cooperation.


Director of the Xi'an Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Wang Zuoquan, the Executive Vice President of Chung-Ang University in South Korea, Professor Liu Hongshan, the Vice President of Korean Maritime Institute Professor Lin Zhenxiu expressed sincere gratitude to the careful organization and warm reception on behalf of their organizations. They showed total agreements with President Ma Jian on the concept of cooperation. The four parts will certainly adhere to the principle of mutual trust and cooperation, play their own role under the cooperation agreement blueprint, make their due contributions for the promotion of the logistics study between China and South Korea.


In recent years, in the context of increasingly frequent exchanges between China and South Korea, Chang’an University continues to strengthen comprehensive cooperation and exchanges with universities and research institutions in South Korea and has made pragmatic and in-depth achievements in faculty visits, student exchange, scientific research cooperation and resource sharing and other fields. Especially after the establishment of Education Cooperation Center between China and South Korea cooperating with Inha University in 2012, the school’s achievements of cooperation and exchange with South Korea is at the forefront in the northwest universities and continues to increase. In the context of the Belt and Road Initiatives, this activity is sponsored by Chang'an University, supported by Academy of Social Sciences, Chung-Ang University in South Korea, Korean Maritime Institute. It is aimed at working together to upgrade the level of scientific research and expand research cooperation in the field of logistics. And on this basis, it will provide an important platform for the exchange and cooperation of comprehensive study of modern transportation and logistics industry of the Silk Road Economic Belt countries and regions.


Xi'an Academy of Social Sciences is a government institution which makes strategic, cutting-edge, forward-looking research for major theoretical and practical problems about the Xi'an economic and social development and provides research support and policy advice to the Committee of CPC Xi'an and Xi'an Municipal Government. And it has made in-depth studies about logistics industry of the Silk Road Economic Belt. Chung-Ang University in South Korea ranked the top ten of the prestigious universities with in-depth research in the field of logistics in South Korea.

Korean Maritime Institute is affiliated with the State Council. It is an official authoritative scientific research institution which is specialized in policy research about shipping, ports, logistics and other fields. Also, it is one of the top think-tanks to provide strategic decision-making advice for Korea at national level.

President Ma Jian Meeting with Korean Guests


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Agreemnts Signing Ceremony


Unveiling Ceremony


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