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Chairman Du Xiangmin Visited Two Universities in Japan&South Korea
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From April 16th to April 21st 2016, on the invitation of the Presidents of Fukuoka University and Central University in Japan and South Korea, Chairman Du Xiangmin made an official visit to the two universities above, accompanied by directors of Office of the Party Committee, International Office, and Infrastructure Construction Department.


On visiting Fukuoka University, Japan, the executive vice President Nishijima Kiyoto at the Fukuoka University warmly welcomed Chairman Du Xiangmin and the delegation members’ arrival. He briefly introduced the basic situation of Fukuoka University, and expressed the hope that on the basis of the cooperation agreement signed between the two universities last year, a full range of in-depth cooperation could start right away. After introducing the basic situation of Chang ‘An University Chairman Du Xiangmin and the others extended Thanks to the warm reception and discussed with the executive vice President Nishijima Kiyotojoint about faculty visit, student exchange, scientific research cooperation and information sharing in exchanged views to further expand exchanges and cooperation, and reached an agreement. After the meeting, Chairman Du Xiangmin had a tour around the campus and its engineering laboratory. Directors and professors of Fukuoka University’s International Department, Engineering Department, School of Business Administration, and Department of Humanities attended the meeting.


During his visit to Japan, Chairman Du Xiangmin and the delegation visited Kyushu Institute of Foreign Languages. Internship Agreements were signed, and Kyushu Institute of Foreign Languages has become a overseas study base for Japanese major students in Chang’An University.


During the visit to National Central University in South Korea, President Kim Chang-Soo had a meeting with Chairman Du Xiangmin and gave a warm welcome with hospitality. Later, President Kim Chang-Soo briefly introduced the National Central University and expressed the sincere wish to carry out all-round cooperation with Chang’an University. Chairman Du Xiangmin thanked President Kim Chang-Soo and briefly introduced the basic situation of Chang ‘an University. Moreover, teachers’ visits, student exchange, research cooperation, joint establishments of laboratories were discussed in the meeting. Chairman Du Xiangmin and President Kim Chang-Soo both agreed that School of Science in both universities have a number of similarities,  which is a solid foundation for cooperation, and they both believed that such cooperation would further promote the common development of the two universities. After the meeting, Chairman Du Xiangmin and President Kim Chang-Soo signed the MOU on behalf of two Universities. During the visit, Chairman Du Xiangmin and the delegation also visited the campus, library and some of the laboratories. Central University’s International Department director, project director and Korea cadastral Professor Zhang Zhongxue attended the meeting and participated in the Agreement Signing ceremony.


Fukuoka University in Kyushu region has a history of more than 80 years and is one of the most famous universities in western Japan area. The university has School of Humanities, School of Law, School of Management, School of Business Administration, Science School, School of Engineering, School of Sports, School of Medicine Science and other nine schools, all together 31 schools, and has more than 4,000 staff members, and more than 20,000 students. The university has a cutting-edge research institute of molecular medicine, optical medical research institute, institute of materials technology, resource recycling and environmental control systems research institute, institute of semiconductor assembly, and other national key laboratories as well as two affiliated hospitals.


Central University is an elite private university in South Korea which has a history of 92 years, and was rated as the best university in South Korean education reform for six years in a row. The aim of Central University in South Korea is to enter the world's top 100 famous universities by 2018. In recent years, in the comprehensive assessment of South Korea by "Central Daily" 204 universities, National Central University ranked top 10, majors like journalism, art, film and television performances, film and television animation and other majors ranked the first. With more than 33,000 students, among which 6,400 are PhD candidates, and over 1,300 full-time teachers. Central University has a museum of art, digital resource center, a multimedia center and a design management center invested by the national government.


Meeting with Fukuoka University



Group Photo with Fukuoka University



Visiting the Laboratory of Fukuoka University



Opening Ceremony in Overseas Practice Base in Kyushu Institute of Foreign Languages



Meeting with National University



Signing Agreements with National University





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