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Chang’ an University signed Cooperation Agreement with Cape Breton University in Canada
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Recently, President Ma Jian of Chang’ an University and President David Wheeler of Cape Breton University in Canada signed MOU between the two Universities.


According to the agreement, to promote educational and academic exchanges, both sides will initiate cooperation and communication in the field of faculty and student exchange and cooperation in scientific research on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, mutual cooperation and common development. To deepen cooperation in co- organizing international conferences, jointly establish engineering laboratories so that both sides can establish and carry out a comprehensive, long-term and stable cooperative partnership. The signing of the cooperation agreements will provide better platforms for sharing resources, transferring information and cooperating research of the two universities.


Cape Breton University was founded in 1974. Its undergraduate education ranks in advance. Besides, the university possesses financial literature, science, technology and trade integration, Combining Literature, Science and Engineering and Technology Trade, the university is famous for its environmental engineering, petroleum engineering, etc. It has been evaluated as one of the Canada’s highest education quality universities in Canada in a row. Cape Breton Sydney, in which city the university is located, was awarded the second in the evaluation of "world's most beautiful tourist destinations" by "National Geographic and Traveler" magazine.

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