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The Delegation of South Korean Consulate General in Xi'an Led by Li Kangguo Pay Visit to Our Univers
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On July 17 2015, the delegation of South Korean Consulate General in Xi’an led by Li Kang’guo pay visit to our university for educational exchanges. President Ma Jian holds a conference cordially with the delegation at the Hall of Extinguished Guests in Academic Exchange Center. The Vice Headmaster Zhao Junhai, superiors of President’s Office, Development and Planning Department, Personnel Department, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, and the South Korean professor Zhang Zhongxue accompanied the conference.

President Ma Jian extends a warm welcome to Consulate General Li Kangguo. He expresses his heartfelt congratulations to the assuming of the Consulate General Li Kangguo. He also sincerely thanks for the years of support from the Korean Consulate in promoting cooperations between South Korean universities, research institutions and Chang’an University. Then he introduces our university’s basic information from the perspectives of the historical development, the teaching scale, the distribution of campuses, faculties, the key development disciplines and international cooperations and exchanges to him. He also hopes that we can take the assuming of Consulate General Li Kangguo as a new beginning to continually expand and further the cooperation and communication with South Korean universities and research institutions in areas of talents nurturing, academic exchanges, scientific research, and etc.. Finally, he expresses his good wish to future’s greater progress in all fields for us.

Consulate General Li Kangguo also expresses sincere gratitudes for our warm reception and shows a highly concern about the prospect of cooperations, which President Majian said, between two parties. Then, he introduces in detail the development of the South Korean Consulate in Xi 'an and his personal information to Headmaster Ma Jian. He says Chang’an University is a high-level comprehensive university with distinctive characteristic. The South Korean consulate is alsways attaching great importance to the cooperation and exchange with Chang 'an university.

Finally, he hopes that we can explore more cooperative fields on the basis of consolidating the original cooperation. In this way, we can stablely promote the bilateral cooperation relations between us.

After the meeting, the Consulate General Li Kangguo with the accompany of President Ma Jian visits University’s sand table and the key laboratory at School of  Information.

President Ma Jian Holds Conference with South Korean Consulate General Li Kangguo



The Meeting


Group Photo

Visiting University’s Sand Table


Visiting Labratory at School of Information Engineering


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